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Different times call for different mortgage solutions

The Bank of Canada just announced recently that it is maintaining the Bank of Canada rate at 1.25%. This is the benchmark rate in which variable rate mortgages as well as consumer loans are priced against. The reasons given to keep the rate unchanged were due to a slower than expected growth in the economy at only 1.3% growth (expected was 2.5%). The Bank of Canada expects the economy to rebound to the 2.5% growth level in the 2nd quarter.

It appears from statements made by the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz, that he expects interest-rate hikes to be necessary over time and that the Bank of Canada will follow a cautious, data-dependent approach. The next rate announcement is scheduled for May 30th.

The mortgage and real estate world has become more challenging lately with market conditions changing and various mortgage rule adjustments. There are more hurdles to overcome but with those hurdles are also opportunities to see what’s possible.

Your overall mortgage strategy is what matters more today than ever before. Strategies that help make your dream of homeownership a reality. The mortgage you get today might be the mortgage for now and not your mortgage forever. With access to a vast variety of lenders, including non-traditional lenders, I have the resources to make what appears to be impossible possible. More and more Canadians are looking beyond “the banks” and their limited options.

Innovative mortgage solutions such as Reverse Mortgages (a mortgage product that doesn’t require monthly payments) might be a great solution for many. A Reverse Mortgage can help increase cash flow, provide funds for children to use as down payment or even fund grandchildren’s education. “All in one” type mortgages are ideal for those wanting to utilize their equity to support their investment strategy or make a large purchase that they can pay off faster.

My role as a mortgage professional is to continuously stay not only up-to-date but also ahead when it comes to knowing and understanding mortgage strategies and opportunities. Call or email me today.

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